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Re: orion-list writing systems


Do you realize just how much you have read as you wanted to
read and not as what was written? For example:

   >> Hebrew has 27 members in its symbol set, not 22.
Modern Hebrew, as that was what your statement was about.

   >If you say the Hebrew of many Qumran texts has 27 members
   >in its symbol set, including the 5 final forms, what does this
   >do to your Sin and Shin distinction?
Nothing at all - I didn't say Qumran Hebrew had 27.

   >But almost all of your claims to separate scribes
   >and Shin/Sin differences are derived from claims made on
   >the basis of single letter exemplars.

We are to go over thousands of examples on the Internet? Sure we do.
[big snip]

   >The "elongation of the
   >yod" is a STRESS NOTATION???  This one is a real shocker.  You think
   >Qumran scribes intentionally wrote certain letters longer to signal

Good heavens, of course they did - what on earth do you think trilinear
limits are all about? What do you think those "big" and "little" letters
are? Why do you think those yods are elongated? Oh, that's right, scribal

   >A single good demonstration of this phenomenon
   >would be big news.

Eh? It would? A "major breakthrough" on what is an everyday, perfectly
normal writing enhancement technique that shows up all over the place
in every writing system borrowed from the Phoenician and that lasted
in England down to the 15th century CE? If you say so.

   >But it requires listing of patterns of several
   >examples, compared to several others which aren't, to show a
   >pattern and a correlation.

You want examples that do not use the techniques? Sure, documents
written in all capitals. The purpose of all caps, bilinear limits,
is to freeze words. You want examples of stress notation in use? You
just saw some and called them Rorscharch blots... in spite of the fact
that the I picked words that we _know_ are stressed exactly where the
notation is used... or didn't that register.

Tell you what, read my book when I finish it... you'll get your examples,
lots of examples, and in lots of languages.

BTW, if you do not believe in variant forms, then stop using them. From
now on write everything in all caps... what do you think lower-case forms
are anyway? Huh?


Sorry, Avital, for sending one over the limit today.
Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

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