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Re: orion-list writing systems (4 screens)

Hi, Sigrid,

I can supply a transliteration of the first lines of the 'serech', but
Stephen is correct: he reported quite accurately on both the placement
and the phrases... from the incipt on the same column to the 'shloshim
shnat' in line 13 (an order which does not occur in 1QS, BTW). I had the
photographs out for another reason... and it took quite a bit of hefting
boxes (at 98 degrees, humid, and no a/c) to find my notes from DJD on the
Exodus fragments... (and after all that - Greg Doudna sent them out... ah,
well, the exercise did me good).

It really is easier for people to understand what they are looking at
if they examine a formal hand, first. Once one becomes accustomed to
looking for these things, one can spot them even in the informal cursives.
(We can then see the different graphs in use even in Merovingian chancery
script - and that font looks like something written by a tarantula in a

Why don't I scan in all three and then someone (Dave???) can put them on
his or her site for a few days.

What thinkst?


Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

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