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Re: orion-list a test of the Nicolaus of Damascus proposal


	Your first two sentences, quoted below, are remarkable, at least as
overstatement. Now you declare "sources"-- plural ! --conveyed to Pliny
this book of Nicolaus; and "clearly," you say. Such boldness might be
admirable, were it not silly. It is not even certain, after all, that
anyone copied this book by Nicolaus in time for Pliny. (You somehow
neglected to inform readers that whether even Isigonus used this book is
disputed.) You still have not shown, in any of the self-contradictory
versions of your assertions, that Pliny used Nicolaus, at all, ever,
anywhere, much less in book 5.
	You suggest that because Josephus was a "delegate to Rome before
the Jewish War" that he then new Latin? Really?
	Finally, I agree with Sigrid (and Jay and Bob and everyone else who
was paying attention) that your use of the Loeb translation "exhalations"
is entirely bogus.

Stephen Goranson

>    Pliny clearly utilized sources who in turn excerpted Nicolas' _Collection
>of Remarkable Customs_.  His use of Isigonus in book 7 demonstrates the

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