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orion-list Scribes

Dr. Altman writes that we can say certain things about scribes with great 
confidence: "scribes as a class of highly trained (and [well] clothed, housed 
and well fed) people did not edit texts."   I understand that scribes also 
worked under supervision.  I infer from what she has written that the texts 
from Qumran were prepared by many, many scribes - about how many (perhaps 
hundreds) I'm not sure.  Assuming arguendo these circumstances help define 
scibes and that the texts found at Qumran were prepared by scribes, then 
where would is it more likely that most of the Qumran texts were prepared: 
(a) among the community at Qumran, (b) at Jerusalem, (c) at Jericho, or (d) 
some combination of (b) and (c)?  Is it likely that there were many, many, 
highly trained, well clothed, well housed and well fed scribes working under 
supervision at Qumran - even over a period of several decades?  

Mark Dunn

P.S. Is there any evidence of scribes in Jerusalem between say 63 B.C.E. and 
68 C.E. losing fingers, hands, heads etc. because they deviated from an 
"official" text?
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