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Re: orion-list cisterns

Dear Rick,

If you are looking for material on miqva'ot generally there are a number of
places to look. Ronnie Reich of the Hebrew University has done the
most writing on them in general. I have a short article as well. On the
Qumran baths, Bryant Wood's article is one to take a look at. Here is
a list of a few things.

Reich, Ronnie. "Miqva'ot (Jewish Ritual Baths) in the Second Temple
Period and the Period of the Mishnah and Talmud." Ph.D. dissertation,
Hebrew University 1990 (Hebrew). Reich has written a number of articles.
The bibliography can be found in my article below

Wood, Bryant G. "To Dip or to Sprinkle? The Qumran Cisterns in Perspective."
BASOR 256 (1984) 45-60.

Wright, Benjamin G. "Jewish Ritual Baths--Interpreting the Digs and the
Some Issues in the Social History of Second Temple Judaism." In Neil Asher
Silberman and David Small eds. The Archaeology of Israel: Constructing the
Interpreting the Present. JSOTSS 237. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press,

Hope this helps a bit.

Ben Wright
Lehigh University

Rick Strelan wrote:

> Could someone please direct me to secondary literature which discusses the
> issue of the purpose of the cisterns at Qumran - are they miqva'ot etc?

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