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Re: orion-list a test of the Nicolaus of Damascus proposal

Hello Russell,
	You have explicitly stated that your proposal calls for a tradent
listed by Pliny for Book 5. Isigonus is not listed there. IMO, you have not
presented evidence that Pliny used Nicolaus, and your argument is growing
only with new lawyerly stipulations.
	As to Latin authors, such as Agrippa, wouldn't one expect Josephus
to have less knowledge than Pliny?
	To respond to your request about Agrippa's autobiography, Reinhold
wrote: "The disappearance of the autobiography of Agrippa, the extent of
which and the date of which we do not know, is a regrettable loss not only
for the biographer of Agrippa, but also for the historian of the foundation
of the Roman Empire, over which Agrippa exerted a tremendous and
far-reaching influence."

Stephen Goranson

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