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orion-list a test of the Nicolaus of Damascus proposal

If I understand Russell's proposal correctly, Pliny used, 
as his source on Essenes, an author listed for Book 5 who 
had copied an earlier text by Nicolaus. Russell also 
emphasized that Book 7 (with cannibals; people immune to 
snakebite, etc.) is actually more in character with 
Nicolaus' book on customs than is Book 5. (Agrippa, of 
course, could think of a group perpetuated without sex as 
	Russell offered the names of ten authors from Book 
5 who 
might have been a tradent for Nicolaus. It occurred to me 
that such a tradent should, on Russell's view, also appear 
in the list of authors for Book 7. But nine of the ten 
names he offered as possibilities do not appear in the Book 
7 list. (And Pliny used lots of authors, but not Nicolaus.) 
The tenth name, Nymphodorus, which does appear in the lists 
for both Books 5 and 7, was, according to Oxford Classical 
Dictionary (3rd ed., 1996) was a 
"Syracusan author of the Hellenistic period." Therefore, he 
lived too early to have copied Nicolaus for Pliny.
So a test of the ten names selected by Russell show none of 
them qualify as likely candidates to do what he proposed 
they might have done.
Some things are not difficult to know: Pliny provides 
Agrippa, who was in the right place at the right time.
stephen goranson

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