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Re: SV: orion-list writing systems (2 w/1 post)


   >But all 10 scribes, trained at the same scriptorium the same ductus,
   >will have a different life expectancy - irrespective of historical

I am afraid I don't see the relevance of this obvious point as
it applies to a document written by contemporaries who trained
at the same scriptorium... even if these contemporaries should
range in age from 25 to 65.

   >And I don't believe that the scribe later will change the
   >ductus in dependence of the scriptorium...

Sorry, but this is erroneous. A trained scribe learning a new
script or font at *another* scriptorium, chancery, business
office, etc., will have the ductus as used and taught in the
new place and in the new script/font. Quite a few examples of
just this type of thing exist.


According to Greg, column 2 of 1QS in Trever.


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