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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis (A. Baumgarten question)

    I have in the past supported Goranson's proposal on Agrippa as Pliny's 
source on the Essenes.  I withdrew that support only when it became apparent 
that Agrippa's commentarii were of an entirely different character than the 
Essene excursus (which is quite consistent with Nicolas' work on _Remarkable 
Customs_).  I would consider Goranson's proposal at least possible if:
    (1) The commentarii could be shown to have passages of a literary or 
ethnographical nature comparable to the Essene excursus.
    (2) If there was any evidence that Agrippa's autobiography was used in 
Pliny books 3-6 on geography or contained ethnographic essays comparable to 
that on the Essenes.
    (3) Two late geographical treatises, Divisio orbis and Dimensuratio 
provinciarum [in Geographi latini minores (A Riese, ed; 1878; repr. 
Hildesheim 1964)] are thought to substantially derive from Agrippa.  Haven't 
studied them yet.  If either of these treatises contain ethnographic 
digressions, this would lend a degree of credibility to Goranson's proposal.  
But by the same token, neither mention Essenes.

    Russell Gmirkin
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