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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis (A. Baumgarten question)

	Actually, there were some new arguments on both sides, Albert
Baumgarten, but, in response to your question:

	If a manuscript of a Nicolaus of Damascus text were found
describing Essenes as Pliny does, then Gmirkin's proposal would, I imagine,
carry the day.
	Short of that, it would probably help, if not prove, Gmirkin's case
if we were presented with: Evidence that Pliny used writings of Nicolaus,
especially in Book 5. Evidence that Nicolaus was extensively used by one of
the authors Pliny listed for Book 5. Evidence that Nicolaus was *not* a
source on Essenes for Josephus and Philo, at least in those passages which
locate Essenes more widely than Pliny does.
	If copies of the Commentaries and Autobiography of Marcus Agrippa
were found and lacked Essenes, my proposal on Pliny would be withdrawn.

best wishes,
Stephen C.Goranson

P.S. I now see Greg Doudna's post. As some of us know, the response (f), on
the Essene name, has already been demonstrated. And there are already some
pretty good leads on several other items. As to item (c), Greg, you know,
probably better than I, that the probability that you will see that happen
is quite high.

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