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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis (2 brief replies)

SG wrote:
> 2) Dear Dave Washburn,
>  You wrote that the Cross and Eshel response (in Qadmoniot?) left you 
> "decidedly underwhelmed." That's not a very informative response to 
> their observations. I have already mentioned links with S (e.g., "the 
> year 2," which is not a usual contract date formula), but I guess that 
> you are not seeking to consider such ideas. 

Pot and kettle, Stephen.  I've seen the reasonings and convolutions 
and find them unconvincing.  This is not the place for a full 
response to C&E's observations, and you know it perfectly well.  A 
little phrase here and there is scarcely enough to warrant the kind 
of connection you insist on.  However, I've said my piece and will 
leave it at that, since I know that trying to discuss such things with 
you only results in stuff like what follows:

As for why I mentioned Golb,
> perhaps you will recall; or, you could read the connections in the 
> archives, if you wish.  Good day to you.

A long time ago I mentioned Golb in connection with the nature of 
the Qumran buildings; as far as I can recall, I have not mentioned 
him in regard to the ostracon.  I sure haven't mentioned him in this 
thread, and in fact I specifically said I was working from Yardeni's 
material.  This is just more typical Goranson obfuscation.  Golb 
has nothing to do with my part of this discussion and you know it.  
You just dragged him in out of left field to try and engage in a little 
guilt-by-association.  Other responses have shown me that you 
were unsuccessful in this venture.  That's good enough for me.

Dave Washburn
"Oh, no!  They've all become giant Swiss lederhosen-clad
dancing yodelers!"  "Talk about unpredictable!" - P&B
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