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SV: orion-list writing systems

Rochelle Altman's posts are certainly interesting, but like Robert Kraft 
I cannot verify any Shin/Sin scribal distinction in 1QS.  However I 
did locate the examples themselves: they are on column 2 of 1QS. 

> While from it size, format, script, and incipit, its just a second
> or even third class copy, try the title page of the so-called "Manual of
> Discipline." There are tons of shins/sins on that column. This is not
> the finest example of scribal work around, but... compare the central
> stroke in the 'sin' in "Israel" with, oh, say, the very clear 'shins' in
> "shloshim shnat" on line 13 or in "mishpahat" on line 15. Do you see how
> the central stroke of the 'shin' is curved and that of the 'sin' straight?
> Also, in the 'shin', the stroke starts slightly above the upper limit.
The Shin of mishpat on line 15 of col. 2 has a central stroke that is 
completely straight to my eye.  (Like R. Kraft, I am looking at Trever's 
color photo, 1972.  And, e.g. the middle stroke of the Sin of W(ayin)SW 
of line 19 is curved.  Checking dozens of other examples on this and 
other columns fails to show any other than a single scribal ideograph or 
ductus used for both Shin and Sin.  Whether the middle stroke of 
Shin/Sin is curved or straight in 1QS appears to be 
simple random variability with neither hard nor weak statistical 
correspondence to Shin or Sin.  

R's post claim of one phone per written letter form in the Qumran texts
is intriguing if it could be demonstrated.  But I don't understand, R: 
unless I have misunderstood you, you claim this as a universal.  But 
in English, I and every modern scribe and typewriter write "c" with 
the sound K ("cake") and "c" with the sound S ("race") the 
same way.  Where does this idea come from that all alphabets of 
all time have only one phone per written representation symbol?

Greg Doudna

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