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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis (M. Agrippa)

Stephen Goranson writes:

>   Russell Gmirkin chose the passage of Menahem Stern with which to
>  try to dismiss the proposal that Marcus Agrippa supplied both the
>  toparchies and the Essene account. Any honest reader of his post, and mine,
>  and Stern's passage will see that Gmirkin misrepresented Stern's text.
>   More important than investigating Gmirkin's obscurantism, however,
>  will be an honest approach to reading history.

    I honestly cannot penetrate the meaning or relevance of these comments to 
his theories on Agrippa.  However, since Stephen has stopped actively 
engaging the evidence, it thankfully appears the discussion is at an end.

    Russell Gmirkin
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