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Re: orion-list New work in the Cave of Letters, X-Posted from ANE list

This article appeared in a (Lincoln) Nebraska paper. Besides the interesting
material on new technology, it recounted a peculiar story.  The  head of the
project interviewed an Israeli guy who claimed to have seen a "white robed
skeleton between large boulders" at/near Cave of the Letters back in the
1950s.  One would have thought the "discovery" sensational enough for
subsequent expeditions to pull out all stops to recover the skeleton and the
textile.  The article does not follow up on this at all. The whole story
sounds almost too sensational to me.  Can anyone knowledgeable comment?  

At 01:18 AM 8/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Chuck Jones, moderator of the ANE list, posted the following pointer to a
>news item concerning the *other* Dead Sea Scrolls, as in DJD XXVII et. al.
>To quote Chuck:
>...and some news on recent excavations at the Cave of the Letters:
>- -Chuck Jones-
>It's an interesting and frustrating article about the potential of new
>devices, such as ground-penetrating radar, in aiding in the discovery of
>more items from, specifically, the Cave of Letters in NaHal Hever, and
>generally from other caves.
>Sigrid Peterson  University of Pennsylvania  petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu

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