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Re: orion-list writing systems (was: Pliny Qumran analysis)

Dear Dr. Rochelle Altman,
	I have read your comments on writing systems (made on ioudaios, 
orion and otpseudepigrapha) with great interest. Some of these 
observations I follow and see. Some of it I guess I do not yet know how 
to evaluate. Occasionally (may I say so?) I have some doubts. You 
surely do make some bold claims.
	In the case of the ostracon, whether what you say is correct or 
not seems to me not directly germane to the issue whether there are 
several links between that text and serek hayahad. (I won't repeat my 
argument on those links in this post, other than to note that G. Doudna 
wrote one orion post filled with very  interesting proposals on 
precisely such links, even though he later changed his mind on the 
	Other than being wrong, for example, on "Essene" etymology, 
Cross seems to me right fairly often. Golb, on the other hand, IMO,
unfortunately linked resentment at a (former) editorial monopoly to 
feed an irrational rejectionist front on issues having nothing to do 
with that former monopoly, a false myth which slows cooperative 
progress even today.	
	I do wonder whether some of your claims here involve 
dichotomies that are neater in theory than practice. For example: do 
you really assert that scribes do not ever make editorial changes?
	Some of the claims you made in today's post are simply new to 
me. I have not examined and compared different written shins and sins. 
Would you care to pick a Qumran text for which there are clear and 
readily-available photos and tell us what you see that indicates shins 
and sins, or bet and vet? Do you really mean that all scribes 
represented in Qumran mss make such distinctions?
	At least, those are some of my questions.

best wishes,
Stephen Goranson

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