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Re: orion-list "fortress" misleading?

Dear Soren Holst,
I may be mistaken, as I do not have a copy at hand at the moment, but I 
think this interview was printed in the January/February 1998 issue of 
BAR. If I am mistaken, I am sure someone will correct me  :-) 
	Greg Doudna, as you will recall, cited and commended an article 
with *"Fortress"* in its title (and also in its summary) to support a 
quotation with "settle and fortify," which followed other such 
references on orion. (If you have enough time, the orion archives 
searched under "doudna and fort" will provide much reading.)
	Mr. Bar-Adon, who died some years ago, necessarily did not have 
all the data now available. Mr. Bar-Adon's conclusions (whether on 
dating or otherwise) can be evaluated. One thing it would be unfair to 
do to this author, however, would be to declare, a priori (owing to a 
prior committment), that Bar-Adon's comments on Essenes are not 
relevant to his historical or archaeological views.  That would be a 
wrong attempt at cleansing.

Stephen Goransom

> This may be well known to both Stephen Goranson and Greg Doudna, but I'll
> have to plead ignorant: Why does the word fortress become misleading when
> used by Israelis? What issue of BAR is referred to?
> respectfully
> Soren Holst
> Copenhagen

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