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SV: orion-list Qumran analysis/ Bar Adon

SG's latest post to this scholarly discussion list . . .

> 	But Gred Doudna did not exactly present P. Bar-Adon's work. 
> Greg Doudna **erased the Essenes** from it;  he attempted to 
> **eliminate the Essenes.** 
This is such stunning nonsense I hardly know how to respond.
In a post that was already too long, I omitted from a quotation 
what I did not consider relevant to the specific point under 
discussion.  I disclosed in the quotation through the use of
three-dot notation that I was excerpting, and then after the
quotation I specifically disclosed the nature of what was omitted,
and gave the full bibliographic reference.  (I also never said anything
about "fortresses", and have no idea what SG is talking about 
when attacking me for use of this term I never used.  My consistent 
term was "Hasmonean state enterprise".)  

> 	This from a scholar who has combed and pushed the C14 data to 
> within 95% of an inch of its life. By fiat, he removes the Essenes from 
> the late Bar-Adon's publications. 
	Of course I have done no such thing to Bar-Adon's publications.
	Failing to respond to any of the substantive issues raised by
	Bar-Adon, SG responds with ad hominem and raving.

	Greg Doudna

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