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orion-list "fortress" misleading?

This may be well known to both Stephen Goranson and Greg Doudna, but I'll
have to plead ignorant: Why does the word fortress become misleading when
used by Israelis? What issue of BAR is referred to?

Soren Holst

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> Fra:	stephen goranson [SMTP:goranson@duke.edu]
> Sendt:	9. august 1999 14:14
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> Emne:	Re: orion-list Qumran analysis/ Bar Adon
> 	Greg Douda, in an attempt to further his interpretation of Kh. 
> Qumran, cited the late Mr. Pessah Bar-Adon. 
> Still, no recognition that 
> the use of the word "fortress" in Israeli publications can be quite
> misleading, as, Greg Doudna surely knows, was discussed, for example, 
> in BAR by J. Magness, Y. Hirschfeld, J. Patrich, and H. Eshel.
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