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Re: orion-list Qumran analysis/ Bar Adon

	Greg Douda, in an attempt to further his interpretation of Kh. 
Qumran, cited the late Mr. Pessah Bar-Adon. And Doudna instructed us 
that we must accept what Bar-Adon wrote. Still, he provided  no 
evidence of a Hasmonean fortress at Qumran. Still, no recognition that 
the use of the word "fortress" in Israeli publications can be quite
misleading, as, Greg Doudna surely knows, was discussed, for example, 
in BAR by J. Magness, Y. Hirschfeld, J. Patrich, and H. Eshel.
	But Gred Doudna did not exactly present P. Bar-Adon's work. 
Greg Doudna **erased the Essenes** from it;  he attempted to 
**eliminate the Essenes.** 
	This from a scholar who has combed and pushed the C14 data to 
within 95% of an inch of its life. By fiat, he removes the Essenes from 
the late Bar-Adon's publications. An amazing a priori, non-scientific, 
declaration!! Bar-Adon, presumably, wrote of Essenes because he thought 
they were a part of this history.
	Furthermore, after declaring we must follow Bar-Adon--rather 
than, say H. Eshel or J. Magness or many others--Greg Doudna declares, 
merely declares, that we need no pay any attention to his John Hyrcanus 
dating! He changes this gold-standard-creator of burden of 
proof on others to differ--perhaps it could be true, but by fiat?-- to 
read Alexander Jannaeus.
	An a priori erasure of Essenes!? A Hasmonean fortress with no 
supporting evidence presented!? This is not science. This is not 

best wishes,
Stephen Goranson

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