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orion-list radiocarbon (was repair patch)

	In response to Irv Diamond, the quotation you cite is from
	a University of Arizona press release dated April 11, 1995.  
	The radiocarbon measurement on 1QpHabakkuk by current 
	calibration gives a two sigma date range (95% confidence) 
	of anywhere between 160-148 BCE or 111 BCE to 2 CE.

	Barbara Thiering and Gordon Rodley have an article scheduled
	for the coming issue of _Radiocarbon_ in which they address
	the radiocarbon data and argue for 1st century CE datings of
	composition for the key Yachad-related Qumran texts.  In the
	same battery that dated 1QpHab, the Tucson lab also
	reported a radiocarbon measurement for 4QpPsA which 
	by current calibration gives a two-sigma date range (95% 
	confidence) of anywhere between 3-126 CE.  In Thiering's 
	1979 book Thiering cited Cross on Roman period dates of 
	composition for the pesharim and also cited Cross on the 
	pesharim being autograph copies.  Furthermore, Thiering argued 
	in 1979 that the verb tenses of 4QpPsA, if read in their 
	most natural reading, portray a Teacher of Righteousness 
	who is living and contemporary at the time that text was 

	Greg Doudna
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