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Re: SV: orion-list repair patch

Based on your reading on the application of radiocarbon to DSS how would 
you interpret this paragraph:

Some of the newly analyzed texts are of central importance for our 
understanding of the Qumran community, he added, citing four such texts 
that concern various aspects of the Qumran legal system. Another text, the 
well-known pesher or commentary on Habakkuk, which is on display at the 
Shrine of the Book, is of fundamental importance for the historical 
reconstruction of the origins of the Qumran sect. The new radiocarbon dates 
show the manuscript was written before 43 BCE -- contrary to theory that 
says there was an early Christian connection to the Qumran sect.

which is contained in 

Using 2sigma could the date be after 43BCE?

Best regards, Irv Diamond

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