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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis

SG wrote in part:
> 	Yes, Greg Doudna, Pliny's text, moving downstream, fits Qumran and
> environs and neither Jericho nor Ein Gedi.

That wasn't the question.

There is not enough space in
> one post to remind you of the deed of gift ostracon, or of the analyses (of
> pottery, coins, architecture, burials...) by many other archaeologists who
> do not agree with your proposal.

Here we go again with the ostracon.  Despite all the definitive 
debunking of Cross and Eshel's reading, there are those who 
persist in promoting it because it suits their theories.  All one has 
to do is look at Ada Yardeni's enlarged photograph in IEJ 47 #3-4 
p.235 to see that the monstrously--big yod that C&E read is 
nothing of the kind, the so-called N-shaped heth is an aleph, and 
C&E have blundered badly in their reading of this sherd.  There is 
no yahad in this ostracon, there is no gift to any community, 
there's nothing of the kind.  It would be nice of the Essenes-at-any-
cost folks would just get over it.

Dave Washburn
A Bible that's falling apart means a life that isn't.
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