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RE: orion-list Quote in Josephus relating to the Giants

You might check out the references to giants in the index to Charlesworth,
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha.  Pseudo-Eupolemus implies that the giants are
the source of astrology (via Abraham), but some of the other references to
the giants in the Pseudepigrapha might give you a hit.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

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> Larry VanBeek wrote:
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> > Hello
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> > This question was asked of me and I do not have a concoradance to
> Josephus
> > which lists anything like this.  Does anyone know the reference?  It's a
> > quote which states, paraphrased, that "the giants were experts in
> astronomy,
> > which they learned
> > from their fathers the Sons of Gods".
> > 
> The quote does not look exact, but quite similar. The passage is Jewish
> Antiquities Book 1, 69.
> Akio ITO
> Tokyo Christian University
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