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Re: orion-list 1Chr 27, 1QM and 11QT on militia

I wrote: 

>  Another interesting case is the 12,000 elite troops of the Royal Guard in 
> the Temple Scroll.  This is clearly modeled on the 12,000 elite troops of
> the Royal Guard of the Seleucid army in the Maccabean period.
Dierk replies:

>  Wrong. The Seleucid elite troops were formed by the 20,000 agyraspides of
>  the Royal Guard,
>  whereas the crack force of the hypaspists was numbered 10,000 foot - at
>  Daphne 166/5 BC they were divided into 5,000 chalkaspides and 5,000 foot
>  dressed as Romans.
According to the lengthy appendix on the Royal Guard in B. Bar-Kochva, _Judas 
Maccabaeus:  The Jewish Struggle against the Seleucids_ (Cambridge:  
Cambridge University Press, 1989), they numbered 12,000.  (See especially pp. 
260, 284, 316, 388.)  Have you read this, and if so what are your points of 

Russell Gmirkin
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