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Re: orion-list 63 BCE deposit date theory

	The radiocarbon data do *not* show that all the cave deposits--or
*any* of the cave deposits--were made in 63 BCE. In fact, to repropose a 63
BCE deposit for all the caves, Greg Doudna offers a
for-some-reason-hoped-for future extreme recalibration, in one direction
rather than the other, which would explain *away* the present radiocarbon
estimated date ranges.
	The Qumran scrolls are not newspapers; the number of even
near-contemporary historical referents (and do non-autograph ms count
here?) is famously small. The metaphor of a spigot instantly turned off
appears inappropriate when in the drought of such references. And Greg
Doudna, you yourself proposed a later historical reference--is that
proposal out now, too?
	Orion archives includes many other counterindications. For
instance, according to the analysis by the archaeologist and ceramic expert
J. Magness, the "scroll jars" are not attested at Qumran until after the 31
BCE earthquake.
	The mss collection is associated with with the khirbeh and its
community, as, among other evidence, Pliny's source, and a deed of gift
ostracon, and some of the self-identified Essene texts indicate.

best wishes,
Stephen Goranson
Durham NC

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