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RE: orion-list 63 BCE deposit date theory

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> From: Dave Washburn
> Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 8:33 AM

> > This is extremely interesting information.  I have a question:
> what would
> > the attitude of the list, and Greg, towards posting this
> information, and
> > partially quoting Greg's message on a usenet group
> (talk.origins).  I would
> > _not_ include the information on subscribing to orion-list.
> (Some of the
> > people on talk.origins you really don't want on this list.)
> Why talk. origins?  I thought that group was devoted to a whole
> different topic.

You'd be surprised what can come up. Yesterday in one thread we were
discussing the identify of gopher wood, the possible derivation of the Greek
kyparissos from it, and its probable breaking strain wrt the possible size
of an arc. It's a discussion group primarily of evolutionists, a small
number of whom read Hebrew, and Young Earth Creationists, none of whom do.
There are also some unclassifiables you wouldn't want around, wherefore my
promise not to provide a map back to this group.

But there are a fair number who would be interested in the probable age of
the "Dead sea scrolls".


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