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RE: orion-list 63 BCE deposit date theory

> > If I were a gambler, I would bet that a quarter century from now one
> > of the single most important breakthrough ideas in this decade in
> > Qumran studies will be identified as having first been expressed in
> ><snip>
> This is extremely interesting information.  I have a question: what would
> the attitude of the list, and Greg, towards posting this information, and
> partially quoting Greg's message on a usenet group (talk.origins).  I would
> _not_ include the information on subscribing to orion-list.  (Some of the
> people on talk.origins you really don't want on this list.)

Why talk. origins?  I thought that group was devoted to a whole 
different topic.

Dave Washburn
A Bible that's falling apart means a life that isn't.
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