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Re: orion-list Anchorites

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999 02:24:24 +0200, haGalil@gmx.net writes:
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>Von: Tim L Phillips <tiphillips@infoave.net>
>An: Orion <orion@panda.mscc.huji.ac.il>
>Gesendet: Mittwoch, 21. Juli 1999 04:27
>Betreff: orion-list Anchorites
>The Anchorite movement is founded - I believe -in claims on consec-
>rated male virginity in the 2nd c. CE, a Christian interpretation of
>Hebrew life-long nazirite oath of special chosen men called nozrei
>ha-brit (that's where the Nazarene/Nazoraeans terminology comes from).

   As I understand from various sources, this error is often made.
   Perhaps some on the List might comment more lucidly, for I'm
   not competent in Hebrew, but I don't think my second hand sources 
   are wrong.  Jesus the Nazorean is NOT Jesus the Nazarite but 
   more properly fits his brother Joseph.  See my next comment.

>It started approx. 300 CE in the area of the former Seleucid capital
>Antioch (?, visited by Jerome in 377 BC) only to fade away 250 years
>later. The medieval 'English' version seems to be less more then a
>romantic return to assumed genuine roots of purity. Connections
>between Anchorites and the DSS via Pauline interpretations based upon
>similarities e.g., in the 'light'-terminology are unknown to me.
>Unfortunately we find no Hermits searching in the wilderness for the
>devil in themselves in the DSS corpus, presumably because the yachad's
>devil lived in the metropolis.
>However, I'm not Lucifer - may be the story goes the other way round.
>If so, the Crosstalk-list should know everything much better.

  Lucifer, the light bearer?  He'd be lost on Crosstalk.
>Shalom & Cheerio

Tom Simms
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