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Re: orion-list Anchorites

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Von: Tim L Phillips <tiphillips@infoave.net>
An: Orion <orion@panda.mscc.huji.ac.il>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 21. Juli 1999 04:27
Betreff: orion-list Anchorites


The Anchorite movement is founded - I believe -in claims on consecrated male
virginity in the 2nd c. CE, a  Christian interpretation of Hebrew life-long
nazirite oath of special chosen men called nozrei ha-brit (that's where the
Nazarene/Nazoraeans terminology comes from). It started approx. 300 CE in
the area of the former Seleucid capital Antioch (?, visited by Jerome in 377
BC) only to fade away 250 years later. The medieval 'English' version seems
to be less more then a romantic return to assumed genuine roots of purity.
Connections between Anchorites and the DSS via Pauline interpretations based
upon similarities e.g., in the 'light'-terminology are unknown to me.
Unfortunately we find no Hermits searching in the wilderness for the devil
in themselves in the DSS corpus, presumably because the yachad's devil lived
in the metropolis.
However, I'm not Lucifer - may be the story goes the other way round. If so,
the Crosstalk-list should know everything much better.

Shalom & Cheerio


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