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orion-list orion*Eisenmann's osei ha-torah

	I'd like to submit the following for discussion concerning Osei 

	  "... 'the Simple of Judah doing Torah', like the parallel 'Osei 
ha-Torah in vii.11 and viii.1, probably was not meant to include the 
leadership as such, but rather only the rank and file -- the benficiaries of 
the justifying activities of the Council/Central Triad/Righteous Teacher in 
1QS,viiiff. and 1QpHab,viii above. For the pesher, the 'dumb beasts' who are 
destroyed in the underlying text are 'the Simple of Judah doing Torah'." from 
Robert Eisenman's James the Just in the Habakkuh Pesher (p93)
Virgil Brown
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