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orion-list On the bouncing of Ian H.:a dissent

I have just returned from being gone two weeks, including a
visit to Prague with the Prague Spring of 1968 and Havel on 
my mind, and have read a lot of email, including the bouncing 
of Ian Hutchesson, alias ann kraemer, from orion.  I do not 
defend Ian's original conduct for which he was bounced long ago.  
But even though no one else is saying anything, and even though 
I risk possibly offending some valued friends at Orion, I must dissent.  

I respect the job that Avital does in running Orion,
and I am thankful for the existence of Orion and all of its
resources and those whose hard work maintains it.  Furthermore,
there is no claim here that it is improper to moderate lists or
to enforce basic rules, or that an email list is in the public
domain or that there is a right of free speech on a moderated
email list.  But still, here is what I see:

Ian was bounced two (or was it three, or four?) years ago from
orion.  As I understand it, there has never been a mechanism for
Ian to return, under any circumstances or conditions.  Forbidden
under his own name, twice Ian entered under assumed names.
I noted that in each case, both before and this time as Anne
Kraemer, I saw only an abiding by list rules (with the exception of
the assumed name itself).  I believe the Anne Kraemer
posts show Ian is capable of abiding by list rules--if he was 
permitted to post under his own name.  Furthermore, I think
many of Ian's posts have value and that this is a voice which
should not permanently be silenced on a Dead Sea Scrolls
academic list.    

I plan no campaign or followup posts on this matter, but
this is how I feel about it.  

Greg Doudna

Gregory L. Doudna
Reseach Associate
U. of Copenhagen Dead Sea Scrolls Initiative
Kobmagergade 44-46
1150 Kobenhavn K

tel: (45) 35-32-37-75
fax: (45) 35 32 36 52
	email: gd@teol.ku.dk
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