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Re: orion War Scroll

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Dr. Vanderberg writes

>  Of course I have not yet read Russell^“s articles. No question. But has he
>  ever read something about the Zadokite chronology and its ^”Sitz im Leben^‘
>  the 2nd and 1st c. BC? E.g. Albani. M._Astronomie und SchŲpfungsglaube_
>  Neukirchen 1995 or Finegan J._Handbook of Bioblical Cronology_Princeton
>  or Wacholder B.Z._Chronomessianism_HUCA 46,1975 resp._the Date of the
>  Eschaton in the Book of Jubilees_HUCA 56,1985? If the deca-Jubilee-
>  of the Zadokites depending on the Enochic Apocalypse of Weeks is still
>  unknown to him, then his thesis reminds me on the too early bird who didn^“t
>  find a worm. (smile)

    If you had read my "Historical Allusions in the War Scroll," DSD 5.2
(1998) 172-214, you would have discovered Wacholder cited at p. 195 n. 110 and
discussions of the Apocalypse of Weeks and eschatological chronological
systems at pp. 175-85.  Your postings have numerous irresponsible
misstatements based on your misguided guesses about my work on the War Scroll.
Discussion and even spirited disagreement are always welcome, if informed.
But that you apparently find it unnecessary to research or accurately
represent opinions differing from your own is a breach of scholarly etiquette.
Kindly do me the basic courtesy of either reading my work or refraining from
discussing it on this list.  

    Thanks in advance,
    Russell Gmirkin