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Re: orion 1st BCE generation; War Scroll

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Datum: Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 1998 04:31
Betreff: Re: orion 1st BCE generation

Of course I have not yet read Russell^“s articles. No question. But has he
ever read something about the Zadokite chronology and its ^”Sitz im Leben^‘ in
the 2nd and 1st c. BC? E.g. Albani. M._Astronomie und SchŲpfungsglaube_
Neukirchen 1995 or Finegan J._Handbook of Bioblical Cronology_Princeton 1964
or Wacholder B.Z._Chronomessianism_HUCA 46,1975 resp._the Date of the
Eschaton in the Book of Jubilees_HUCA 56,1985? If the deca-Jubilee-structure
of the Zadokites depending on the Enochic Apocalypse of Weeks is still
unknown to him, then his thesis reminds me on the too early bird who didn^“t
find a worm. (smile)
According the Zadokite Chronology the Maccabean uprising had started in the
first year of the yearweek 60 of the Jubille 79 (Gamul) ^÷ in the year 3850
(168/7 BC). That would mean that the Maccabees lived in the 7th Enochic week
(the 8th deca-Jub.) close to the edge to the 8th week, the 9th deca-Jubilee
called ^‘Sword^‘ (starting in 97/6 BC; cf. the coins found!).
Therefore Judas^“ descendants  had still around 560 year left to be well
prepared for the Last Stand. What had happened to shorten the times? A look
at the German reaction after the disaster of the 6th Army in Stalingrad and
the following "great offensive at the whole Eastern front" (Goebbels) - a
great flop which introduced the permanent strategic retreat under the
pressure of the Red Army - brings us to an innovation in German military
politics: the "Endsieg"-dogma. The philosophy of the final victory seems to
be a common dream after a fundamental military disaster to fanatics
everywhere and at any times. Now if you please search for such a military
disaster between 300 - 1BC, you^“ll find only one: the victory of Pompey in
63 BC. That was only a simple psychological trial to date the War Scroll,
but effective.

However, I^“m willing to understand everything if it is distinct.