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Re: orion Hanukkah a civil holiday?

On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, M. Brody wrote:

> Thank you RGmyrken@aol.com for your letter 0n 12:02 18/12/98 EST. You wrote:
> >    First, Hanukkah's omission in festival lists is only to be expected,
> since
> >Hanukkah was a civil holiday, not a religious festival.  
> >    Russell Gmirkin
> Is there evidence for this?
> I had thought that the inclusion of Hanukkah in the "Megillat Ta'anit"  was
> enough to qualify it as a "religious festival".
> Menachem Brody
> Machon Helkat Hasadeh
> Elon Moreh

What exactly distinguishes a "civil holiday' from a "religious festival"
in Second Temple Judaic culture? Marty Jaffee>