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RE: orion 4Q448

Since I'm not at the library (where PAM microfiches reside) and since I
don't at the moment find the color photograph of 4Q448 (on a greeting
card), I'll not write now directly about the first letter of column B,
other than to note that in choosing between the reading of Eshel, Eshel,
and Yardeni and the reading of Doudna, there may be limits to photographs
when one begins to describe effacement, shadows, creases and the like.
	What can be said with greater assurance is that
Emmanuelle Main, "For King Jonathan or Against? The Use of the Bible in
4Q448" in _Biblical Perspectives: Early Use and Interpretation of the Bible
in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls_ Proceedings of the 1st Int. Symposium of
the Orion... (ed. M.E. Stone and E.G. Chazon; STDJ 28; Leiden: Brill, 1998)
should not be lightly dismissed, especially by one who has evidently not
read it, as if it all depended solely on one perhaps
less-than-entirely-certain letter.

Stephen Goranson