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orion symposium program


19:30 Greetings:
	Prof. Menachem Magidor, President, Hebrew University
	Prof. Yair Zakovitch, Dean, Faculty of Humanities 
	Prof. Michael Stone, Head, Orion Center Academic Committee

Session I: Dr. Esther Chazon, Presiding

19:50 	Prof. David Goodblatt "The Contribution of the Dead Sea Scrolls to
the History of Ancient Jewish Nationalism"

20:40	Prof. Hannah Cotton "Administration, Society, and Law in the
Jewish  State of Bar Kochba 132-136 CE" (The Contribution of the Documents
from the Judaean Desert)


Session II: Prof. Michael Stone and Prof. Chuck Greenbatt, Presiding

09:10	Prof. Lawrence Schiffman "Descriptions of the Jerusalem Temple in
Josephus and the Temple Scroll"

10:00	 Coffee Break

10:30	"Science, Scrolls and History - The Application of New Scientific
Techniques to the Study of Ancient Documents and History"
10:30	Mrs. Gila Kahila Bar-Gal - Ancient DNA
10:50	Dr. Azriel Gorsky - Fiber Analysis
11:10	Dr. Jan Gunneweg - Nuclear Chemical Approach to the Pottery from

11:40	Coffee Break 
12:00	Dr. Niels Wouters - Macromolecular Preservation of Scrolls

12:30	Prof. Hartmut Stegemann - Physical Reconstruction of Scrolls
13:00	Open Discussion

14:00	Lunch

16:00	Dr. Jan Gunneweg - Tour of the Institute of Archaelogy and Pottery
Laboratory (Meet at Reception Desk of Faculty Club)


Session III: Prof. Etienne Nodet, Presiding
09:10	Dr. Bilhah Nitzan "The Covenant Between God and Israel in the
Qumran Writings: A Historical Perspective"

09:40	Prof. Hartmut Stegemann "Judaean Religious Organizations in Light
of the Dead Sea  Scrolls in the Late Second Temple Period"

10:30	Coffee Break

11:00	Mr. Noah Hacham "Communal Fasts in the Dead Sea Scrolls and
Contemporary Jewish Literature"

11:30	Dr. Adiel Shremer "'(T)he(y) Did Not Read in the Book': Qumran and
the Emergence of Torah Study in Ancient Judaism"

12:00	Prof. Justin Taylor "The Community of Goods in 'Acts' in Light of
the Dead Sea Scrolls".


Session IV: Prof. Joshua Schwartz, Presiding

09:10	Prof. Daniel Schwartz "Antiochus Epiphanius in Jerusalem"

10:00	Dr. Tal Ilan "Queen Shelomzion's Reign as Reflected in
 the Qumran Documents"

10:30	Coffee Break
11:00	Dr. Hanan Eshel "The Kittim in the War Scroll and the Pesharim"

11:50	Dr. Ida Frohlich "History as Seen from Qumran"

12:20	Mr. Stephen Pfann "Redaction History of the Rule of the

12:50	Lunch Break

Session V: Prof. Israel Levine, Presiding
14:30	Round Table Discussion
	Prof. Doron Mendels, Prof. Shaye Cohen, Prof. David Goodblatt

15:30	Conclusion

16:00	Farewell Tea at the Orion Center, Scholars Room (room 6115,
humanities wing)