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orion RE: ostracon locus

Fred Cryer evidently has some difficulty in accurately characterizing the
archaeological information, information which goes against his proposed
reading of the ostracon, a reading (in SJOT) which, in any case, was
rejected by Greg Doudna, regarded skeptically by P. Callaway, and evidently
thought not worth comment by Cross, Eshel, or Yardeni.
	Please note that Prof. Strange's information includes two posts on
26 Aug 1997 as well as one on 2 Sept.

 the posts of 26 August 1997 at
>> http://orion.mscc.huji.ac.il/orion/archives/19970825.txt
>> and of 2 September 1997 at
>> http://orion.mscc.huji.ac.il/orion/archives/19970901.txt
>> 	Unlike some publications which have misunderstood the
>> archaeological context of this ostracon find, Prof. Strange graciously
>> provided a reliable account. I, for one, thank him.

Stephen Goranson