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Re: orion Eisenman on scroll dating

Dr. Goranson:

So is your major dispute with Eisenman restricted mostly to his
assertions for scroll dates, or about whether or not James was an Essene?

George Brooks

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998 17:10:53 -0500 stephen goranson <goranson@duke.edu>
>Since Greg Doudna mentioned Robert Eisenman's _James the Brother of 
>(1996/1997) pages 87-8, I went to the library and read those pages 
>today. I
>agree with Greg that Eisenman made some unfair assertions there and 
>was not
>really fair to his readers. Though James may very well have been 
>considerably by Essene ideas, some of Robert Eisenman's earlier scroll
>dating claims were clearly mistaken.
>best wishes,
>Stephen Goranson

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