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Re: orion 1QM i,1; The 'armies (?) of the Kitti'im of Assur'

haGalil@gmx.net writes:

> the hypothesis that the source of 1QM1f. refers to the Roman warfare and
>  army-structure requires a terminus a quo of  62 BC - the year when Pompeius
>  first positioned two legions under the command of Aem. Scaurus in Syria...

    Yigael Yadin assumed that Roman tactics could have been adopted in Judea
only after Pompey's conquest in 63 BCE.  His views on the War Scroll's date
are now obsolete in light of my article, "The War Scroll and Roman Weaponry
Reconsidered," DSD (Dead Sea Discoveries) 3.2 (1996) 89-129, in which I
demonstrated that the War Scroll reflects the Roman weaponry, organization and
tactics of the second BCE legions, not the first century as Yadin had

    Russell Gmirkin