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Re: orion 1QM i,1; The 'armies (?) of the Kitti'im of Assur'

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the hypothesis that the source of 1QM1f. refers to the Roman warfare and
army-structure requires a terminus a quo of  62 BC - the year when Pompeius
first positioned two legions under the command of Aem. Scaurus in Syria
(raised to the max of four by Augustus in 20 BC). That opens at least a new
understanding for the doubtlessly continuous actuality of the War Scroll
during the next 100 years in Syro-Palestine. Pursued resolutely the terminus
ad quem of the guessed source now is determinable by the transfer of the
fourth legion in Syria, the legio X fretensis from the Parthian borderline
at Zeugma to Palestine by Nero in 66 CE, the very first year of the ^—pig
^“-allusion (the mascot of the Xth) in Galilee - an important allusion to the
Gospels, but not to the DSS.

I hope this will help you to feel comfortable again with your theory vs. the
common Seleucides-syndrome.



Dr. Dierk Vandenberg
Heinrich-Heine University
Duesseldorf, Germany