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RE: orion An Archeleus-era historical allusion?

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>Dierk Vandenberg's dismissal of the potential historical interest of this
fragment appears rash and ill-advised.<

You like to proof my ^—contenance^“, sed haec non curare decrevi, optime

Back to the hypothesis of " Ptolas and the Archeleus Massacre (4Q468g)":

If we assume a deeper insight in Ant vs. Bell, than it is possible to
construct one ^—fictive^“ POPLAS out of the names of Achelaus^“ friends in Bell
II 2.1: [P]t[O]lemy, [P]hilip and Nico[LA]u[S]  - synonymous with a
^—Three-Men-Covenant^“, now according to Ant XVII 9.4 zealous paddling in
Antipas^“ boat. A conjunction good for nothing.

Though I like intelligent artists who see ^—arms^“ and ^—legs^“ whereas others
see nothing or only an inkblot, I indeed have a deeper problem with one
Magdalen tentacle.


^—Mad^“ Dierk


Dr. Dierk Vandenberg
Heinrich-Heine University
Duesseldorf, Germany