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Re: orion papyrus joins

Yes, as you say, DJD XXVII does include mention of papyrus fibers. In a
preface, Ada Yardeni wrote generally about "attempting to combine them [the
fragments] by matching the script, the fibres, and the colour of the
papyrus." But no specific discussion of fiber matching appears in the
introduction of text no. 32, a text which is crucial to determining whether
4Q included docmentary texts. As P. Callaway suggested in Qumran Chronicle,
the case presented is not conclusive yet. Photographs do not suffice for
this. Nor do photos suffice for comparing color, also not discussed for no.
32. In the photos the 4Q bit appears darker, but these where photographed
separately from the top part, so is the color difference an illusion, or a
result of different storage conditions after discovery, or of an ancient
break, or an indication of no match? If not in DJD, somewhere or other, a
fiber comparison analysis, and that for papMMT, would usefully be published
by a competent papyrologist, IMO, whether Cotton or Yardeni or another.
Stephen Goranson