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Re: orion papyrus joins

> > From: 	stephen goranson[SMTP:goranson@duke.edu]
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> > Sent: 	3, december 1998 19.10
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> > Subject: 	orion papyrus joins?; ostracon locus?; 4Q448 bibl.?
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> > Three brief items, in case any are worth notice:
> > 
> > 	The proposed papyrus join in DJD XXVII of XHev/Se papDeed F and
> > 4Q347 is a fairly important proposal for provenance issues (Seyal or
> > Qumran). And I can see at least why Ada Yardeni thought of this
> > possibility. On the other hand, as Philip Callaway reasonably asked in the
> > latest Qumran Chronicle (8.1/2, Aug 1998), is this a reliable join? I
> > didn't notice any discussion of papyrus fiber examination. So I ask if

Yardeni discusses the general issue of papyrus fiber examination in the
introduction, where it comes under the heading of (re)numbering and
reorganizing the plates of the XHev/Se collection.

> > anyone on list could inform us whether a papyrologist has checked if the

Not Cotton or Yardeni? 

> > fibers indicate a join? And, to repeat an old question, please, has the

Again, see the introduction. This work has been done on the many fragments
of the Seiyal collection, and is documented in DJD 27. I haven't read much
of Yardeni's Appendix, so can't tell you if she mentions it in conjunction
with the (former) 4Q Documentary materials of leather and papyrus.

The practice here at Penn is to keep extensive records of reconstructive
work with papyrus. My impression of Cotton and Yardeni is that they would
have been similarly punctilious. In other words, depending on the depth of
your questions, they could provide extensive notes and/or audio or video
tapes of their work, or that of preservationists who also worked with some
of the most fragmentary material. 

> > same been done yet with the papyrus copy of MMT? Any such info would be
> > appreciated.
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> > cheers,
> > Stephen Goranson
> > goranson@duke.edu
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And thanks for your help on DJD 23, not yet available at Penn.

Sigrid Peterson  UPenn   petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu