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RE: orion papyrus joins?; ostracon locus?; 4Q448 bibl.?

The "correct" find context of an archaeological find is not sent on second
or third thought by e-mail to the scholarly community, but recorded in the
site record on the spot and made available at once. Having failed to do
this, Strange's remarks are just that--remarks made after the fact, perhaps
relevant, perhaps not. So scholars are perfectly justified in disregarding
such "information".

Fred Cryer
University of Copenhagen

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> Subject: 	orion papyrus joins?; ostracon locus?; 4Q448 bibl.?
> Three brief items, in case any are worth notice:
> 	The proposed papyrus join in DJD XXVII of XHev/Se papDeed F and
> 4Q347 is a fairly important proposal for provenance issues (Seyal or
> Qumran). And I can see at least why Ada Yardeni thought of this
> possibility. On the other hand, as Philip Callaway reasonably asked in the
> latest Qumran Chronicle (8.1/2, Aug 1998), is this a reliable join? I
> didn't notice any discussion of papyrus fiber examination. So I ask if
> anyone on list could inform us whether a papyrologist has checked if the
> fibers indicate a join? And, to repeat an old question, please, has the
> same been done yet with the papyrus copy of MMT? Any such info would be
> appreciated.
> 	Unfortunately, in the same Qumran Chronicle issue (p. 36) it
> appears that Callaway again misunderstood the archaeological context of
> the
> find locus of the much-discussed "Yachad" ostracon, a matter of
> significance for, e.g., dating. The correct information was given in
> forwarded posts by Prof. James Strange, searchable in the orion list
> archives.
> 	It's good to see all these new DJD volumes, and of course
> bibliography is endless. But I do think readers of the 4Q448 Jonathan
> edition would usefully be reminded of additional bibliography with
> alternate views: Strugnell and Harrington in JBL; E. Main in the orion
> conference volume; A. Lemaire in the recent Laperrousaz volume, etc.
> cheers,
> Stephen Goranson
> goranson@duke.edu