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orion papyrus joins?; ostracon locus?; 4Q448 bibl.?

Three brief items, in case any are worth notice:

	The proposed papyrus join in DJD XXVII of XHev/Se papDeed F and
4Q347 is a fairly important proposal for provenance issues (Seyal or
Qumran). And I can see at least why Ada Yardeni thought of this
possibility. On the other hand, as Philip Callaway reasonably asked in the
latest Qumran Chronicle (8.1/2, Aug 1998), is this a reliable join? I
didn't notice any discussion of papyrus fiber examination. So I ask if
anyone on list could inform us whether a papyrologist has checked if the
fibers indicate a join? And, to repeat an old question, please, has the
same been done yet with the papyrus copy of MMT? Any such info would be

	Unfortunately, in the same Qumran Chronicle issue (p. 36) it
appears that Callaway again misunderstood the archaeological context of the
find locus of the much-discussed "Yachad" ostracon, a matter of
significance for, e.g., dating. The correct information was given in
forwarded posts by Prof. James Strange, searchable in the orion list

	It's good to see all these new DJD volumes, and of course
bibliography is endless. But I do think readers of the 4Q448 Jonathan
edition would usefully be reminded of additional bibliography with
alternate views: Strugnell and Harrington in JBL; E. Main in the orion
conference volume; A. Lemaire in the recent Laperrousaz volume, etc.

Stephen Goranson