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Re: orion Uses of the Bibliography - An Ironic Comment

Sigrid Peterson wrote:
>As I had the distinct impression in talking to her that she had edited the
>seal impressions volume, rather than contributing an article--one of
>many?--I checked the Orion Bibliography, where the listing is
>Leith, M.J.W. and M. D. Coogan, eds. Wadi Daliyeh I: The Wadi Daliyeh Seal
>   Impressions, DJD 24. Oxford: Clarendon, 1987.
>Thanks, Avital, for keeping Mary Joan up front.m ;-)

You're welcome. I don't know what system Penn uses but the names which
appear on the title page of the DJD volumes (even if they have more than
half a dozen co-editors) should appear in the same order in our
bibliography. A search on any of the editors' names should turn up the
volume. There is also a separate DJD index on the Orion site. It consists
of the tables of contents of individual volumes which should help if you
are trying to track down an article contributed to a volume.


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