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orion Uses of the Bibliography - An Ironic Comment

I've just discovered an additional use for the Orion Bibliography. I
needed to refer to Mary Joan Winn Leith's work on the Wadi ed-Daliyeh
Seals, which I knew had been published in DJD.

Penn Library has the volume, but persists in doing its own cataloguing of
the DJD series. A nice search on "Leith" and "Daliyeh" turns up DJD 24,
but the short listing does not list her as an editor. A full listing
produces the following for contents:
  "1. The Wadi Daliyeh Seal Impressions" by Mary Joan Winn Leith

As I had the distinct impression in talking to her that she had edited the
seal impressions volume, rather than contributing an article--one of
many?--I checked the Orion Bibliography, where the listing is

Leith, M.J.W. and M. D. Coogan, eds. Wadi Daliyeh I: The Wadi Daliyeh Seal
   Impressions, DJD 24. Oxford: Clarendon, 1987.

Thanks, Avital, for keeping Mary Joan up front.m ;-)

Sigrid Peterson  UPenn   petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu