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orion Not to be missed in Isreal

Hello All,
I will be attending a conference in Israel during the latter part of Dec.
I will have a few days before the Conference of Lawyers and Jurists to tour
Israel with a car I plan to rent.
I wonder what one site or museum or location I should not miss.  Be kind
enough to send me e-mail with your one favorite place and why.
If you want your e-mail put on Orion please so indicate in your e-mail.  I
will have a few weeks before I depart for Europe and then on to Israel to read
your messages concerning "Don't miss favorite Biblical Archaeology in Israel
locations."  Please be sure to say why you selected this location.  I have
been in Israel twice before, but that was years ago.  I am sure much has
If possible, please limit your suggestions to one or two places.
Thank you all,
Steve Abramowitz, Juris Doctor
NYU School of Law