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Re: orion Malachi Martin

Possibly relevant:
Book reviews of M. Martin's book, listed in C. Burchard, Bibliographie zu
den Handschriften vom Toten Meer II (BZAW 89, 1965).

Emanuel Tov mentions Martin in several of his articles, e.g., one in The
Bible as Book: The Manuscript Tradition (1998).

Jonathan P. Siegel, "The Scribes of Qumran. Studies in the Early History of
Jewish Biblical Customs, with Special Reference to the Qumran Biblical
Scrolls and to the Tannaitic Traditions of Masseketh Soferim." Ph.D. diss.
Brandeis U. 1972. (S. Talmon, advisor...maybe the Cross/Talmon ed. book,
Qumran and the History of the Biblical Text would have some notice of
Martin; but I don't have it at hand.) Articles by Siegel are listed in the
Bibliography (Leiden, 1996) by F. Garcia-Martinez and D.W. Parry. He also
wrote a Scholars Press book on the Severus Scroll, R. Meir, Tiberias,
1QIsaiah, etc.

Michael O. Wise, "Accidents and Accidence..." in Thunder in Gemini (1994),
esp. p. 122.

A minor note: I am persuaded some mss were copied at Qumran, and some
brought there, but the title which appeared in BAR 1994 "Qumran: A Hub of
Scribal Activity(?)" (and the article placement as if in debate with
another article, which I hadn't seen, with which, as it happens, I do
disagree, but could not address there) was supplied without my knowledge.

Earlier on orion and ane I asked about the transition from use of rush
brushes and palettes to reed split nib pens and inkwells. Possibly, this
would overlap with studies of writing surfaces (e.g., by Menahem Haran) and
of changes of posture (has the Ostia representation of scribes and tables
been further studied since Arch. & DSS?), maybe even scripts. Cf. Willy
Clarysse, "Egyptian Scribes Writing Greek," Chronique d'Egypte 68 (1993)

Stephen Goranson
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