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Re: orion RE: good angels

Schwarz Daniel wrote:
> II Maccabees, in the only two passages at which it mentions angels as
> such (aggeloi), specifies "good angels".  Namely, at II Macc 11:6 the
> Jews pray that God will send an agathos aggelos to save Israel, and at
> 15:22-23 reference is first made to the angel God sent to save
> Hezekiah, then a prayer is offered that God will now too send an > aggelos agathos.
> Question:  It seems to me superfluous to have to point out to God, 
> that we want Him to send a good angel; why isn't "angel" enough?  Does > this bother anyone else?  Know of parallels or explanation?
>  Thank you,
> Danny Schwartz
>         Hebrew University

The author apparantly assumes the existence of both good and bad divine
entities, an idea consistent with the strong dualistic ideas and themes
that can be found in several of the DSS of this period, not to mention
in the references to bad or fallen angels who work against the will of
God in human affairs (e.g. in the Book of Watchers).  

Bruce Wildish